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BDO Credit Card |

If you interested in BDO Credit Card Activation then you come in the right post. Our post is in all described the all fully process of how to activate the BDO Card Activation. It has many kinds of features and benefits of the BDO credit card. IF you want to activate your BDO Credit Card our post all information about the method of online or offline phone through two way you activate your BDO credit card.

BDO Credit Card Activation
BDO Credit Card Activation

This site is the safe and easy going post, This post through you understand you all techniques, facilities, and the main point of the awareness of the other site. BDO Credit Card Activation for your important in the hotel booking, online transactions, business and personal important in life so its reason of activation is all the advantages no one is disadvantaged so you have no worry about it is safe.

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How to Activating BDO Credit Card

you have two way through the activate BDO credit card.1. ONLINE METHOD  2.OFFLINE METHOD  this two method via activating your BDO credit card.

BDO Credit Card Activation


  • Find the activation information on your card. here
  • Create an online account.
  • log in your account. And you can also visit our official site
  • Now you press the Activate Now option of the page.
  • Enter  information to activate your credit card
  • Submit all information like full name, date of birth, full address
  • Confirm that the account is activated you activation online
  • Remove the stickers and sign on the card and write your name on the card


  • Dial the number of DBO credit card customer care service.
  • Ready your information.
  • Call the customer care service.
  • Give the information to the officer of the customer care like your full detail, first name, middle name, last name, full address, date of birth.
  • Complete the process.
  • Remove the card and stickers on the card and write your name on the card.
  • The customer care service number is below.
  •  Call Center at (02) 631-8000 or Domestic Toll Free 1-800-10-631-8000, International Toll Free: (Int’l. Access Code)+800-8-631-8000.

If you have any complaint in the Online method or the through the call when you apply the method of massaging on the number is all the process is described below in full with the example so easily you can apply the method and activate your BDO credit card activation ALL THE PROCESS IS DESCRIBED BELOW.

For SMS registration and card activation, send BDO<space>REG<space>card number<space>PIN to 2966.

BDO Key Point

  • Don’t share your pin, password, and OTP to anyone.
  • Never share your OTP, pin, password, and document on the mobile call.
  • If you any problems with the activation or the any then you call the customer care service and verify all the details.

BDO Help:

  • BDO Number:- ☎ +800-8-631-8000
  • BDO Headquarters:- Brussels, Belgium.
  • BDO Card Online – Here
  • Website:

Final Word

This post guides you to the BDO Credit Card Activation and is the simplest way to collect all the information and you must visit our official site the BDO Card Activation Thank for the visiting our post.

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